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    This double tooth comb has been artfully fashioned by hand from the finest natural cow horn. When cut and polished, the horn reveals it’s unique and beautiful patterning, making no two pieces the same. These combs are made in England from ethically sourced horn and make a proud addition to our range of grooming products.



    This cleanser prepares skin for the closest shaves. Small pumice particles rapidly resurface, polish and brighten the skin, lifting the facial hair before shaving and helping to prevent ingrowing hairs and blemishes. Honeybee Moisture Complex boosts moisturisation to the skin, while the antioxidant properties of Propolis protect the skin against external environmental aggressors. The skin is left feeling smooth, refined and deeply cleansed.



    This rich, cleansing wash provides mild detergency and gently foaming properties to remove dirt and oil from the skin. Propolis has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties and enhances skin renewal.

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    Our Original Pomade is made with Bee propolis and Raspberry seed oil. Propolis helps to nourish the hair and scalp and is thought to prevent hair loss while its anti-bacterial properties protect the hair and keep the scalp healthy.  Raspberry Seed Oil moisturises the hair so that, unlike many other styling products which have a drying effect, our Original Pomade leaves the hair feeling silky soft and conditioned. Being water based, the Original Pomade is easily washed out whilst offering a medium hold and natural, healthy shine.  For all hair types.



    Our ultra-durable razor blade cartridges are expertly engineered to ensure the smoothest shave with minimum irritation to the skin.   Every cartridge provides;



    We’ve tried the rest and developed the best. Our precision 6 blade razor system provides everything you need for the most comfortable shave;

    • an ergonomically smooth, weighted handle with grooved grip for perfect balance and better control
    • a platinum coated 5 blade cartridge to easily cut through the coarsest hair
    • an aloe and vitamin-E enhanced lubrication strip for a smooth glide without any hair pulling or tugging
    • a pivoted system razor head to follow the natural shape of your face
    • an additional precision trimmer blade to help you tackle hard to reach areas around sideburns and under the nose.



    Our Texture Tonic is a sea mineral and plant protein spray, which not only gives the control and texture of a sea salt spray but adds volume to the hair by thickening each strand from root to tip. The result is an incredibly powerful and versatile styling spray.